Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Stand Extras

Welcome to Last Stand staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. We will be shooting until the end of January, so if you are not cast yet please be patient as we will need almost 800 people in this moving.

Please be prepared for long days as we shoot a minimum of 12 hours and you must be there the entire shoot day when you are cast. We feed you breakfast and lunch and have plenty of water on hand.

If you are not cast as FBI, a police officer, EMT, or firefighter, please bring three sets of clothes with you in muted tones - or earth/jewel tones: grays, browns, muted blues, greens, golds, burgandy - but NO blacks, whites or reds and NO logos. Bring a casual set such as jeans, skirts for women, a set of working clothes, like work boots, denim work shirts, and one set a little nicer with dockers or casual business attire.
The movie takes place in early fall, so no heavy jackets, but a light sweater or jacket.

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