Thursday, January 12, 2012

Call Time: 1st Unit Friday, January 13

Please park in the Albuquerque Convention Center Parking structure on Martin Luther King Blvd. A security guard will give you a parking voucher.

Please bring long underwear, coats, hat and gloves to keep warm.

The 4:30 extras will report to the Convention Center
4:30 pm
Plain Clothes FBI (3)
Alexandria Morrow
Robyn Chaulsett
Carlos Telles

Joel Hegar
Frank Montoya
Joe Bernier

4:30 pm
Tactical FBI (3)
Dwayne Garcia
Jennifer Garcia
Adam Page

The 6:30 extras will report to base camp (on the map marked with a triangle, on sixth and central) Please come having had dinner as dinner will no longer be available at that time.
6:30 pm
Plain Clothes FBI (2)
Kelly Ruble
Kevin Dixon

6:30 pm
Kevin Saiz
Sal Tortorici
Greg Leiker
Michael Lundquist
Patrick Ruiz
Timothy Holmes

6:30 PM
FBI Tactical (8)
Matt Tessler
Randy Abeyta
Sergio Abeyta
Louis Brems
Georgene Romero
John Vestal
Edgar Leiva

The director did change our shots for this evening, so we will not be using the man in orange, the drivers or the homeless man; however, we will use these characters on Monday, and reduce the number of FBI for Monday.

Please call if you have questions


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