Sunday, January 29, 2012

Call Time: 1st Unit, Monday, January 30

Please park at Masthead and Jefferson in the empty lot marked with the Crew Parking signs, a shuttle will take you to basecamp. 

Please call if you have any questions.

7:30 AM
Female Plains Clothes (3)
Angel Pacheco
Sarah Wilson
Heather Martin

7:30 AM
Female Administrator
Serina  Gallegos

7:30 AM
Male Plains Cothes (5)
Steve Tollefson
Steven Cuomo
Hans Eisenhart
Michael Lunquist
Patrick Ruiz

7:30 AM
Isiah Tullis
Paul Quintana

7:30 AM
Tactical FBI
Marcos Montoya

8:00 AM
FBI Plainsclothes (15)
Ray Di Greco
Pete Sandoval
Paul Sanders
Michael Garrett
Ellis McMath
Steve Most
Steve Ellis
Kori  Kobayashi
David Moyer
Roy Canton
Bob Hosko
Greg Mascarena
Doug House
Tony Buford
Steven Alderete

7:30 AM
FBI (2)
Elizabeth Dwyer
Wendi Seger

7:30 AM
Administrative (4)
Besty Miesen
Jennifer Wnuchzek
Greg Beasely
J. Anthony Cangialosi

7:30 AM
Tacctial FBI (3)
Jessica Record
Julie Augustine
Sergio Abeyta
Mark Roberts

8:00 AM
Undercover FBI
Jeremiah Wood

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