Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Call Time: 1st Unit, Thursday January 26 - 4:30 pm

We are at the Albuquerque Convention center. Please park in the Convention Center Parking structure on Martin Luther King and report to the SW corner of the ground floor of the west end of the convention center.

4:30 PM
Joe Cardillo

4:30 PM
Other Man in Orange
Scot Anderson

4:30 PM
HRT (6)
Patrick Ruiz
JJ Jones
Jake Honeycutt
Rick Shewell
Dave Depies
Michael Conroy

4:30 PM
Tactical FBI (4)
James Cason
Patrick Ponsardin
Louis Gonzales

4:30 PM
Mark Roberts
Alexandria Morrow
Michael Lundquist
Robyn Chaulsett

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