Saturday, January 14, 2012

Call Time Monday, January 16 - 9 pm

The Call time has changed to 6:30 pm.
Please park in the convention center parking structure on Martin Luther King and Broadway and report to the SW corner of the ground floor of the main part of the Convention center.

Please call if you have problems or questions.
6:30 for all extras - please come having had dinner as the crew has a 4:30 pm call and dinner will be over by 6:30 pm

Tactical FBI (4)
Edgar Leiva
Allen Buchanan
Sergio Abeyta
Louis Brems

Other Man in Orange
Scott Anderson

ND BG Actors (3)
Stephanie Conrad
Connie Gashler
Joseph Oritz-Noriega

ND Vagrant (2)
LC Reed
Larry Johnson

Plain Clothes  (3)
Carlos Telles
Alexandria Morrow
Michael Lundquist

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