Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bootcamp/Colby Town Rehearsal 9 AM

Please remember to get to the parking lot early because it takes at least 15 minutes to get to set from the parking lot. Look for the yellow signs with TLR to crew parking
Eat a hearty breakfast, bring good work boots, work gloves, work clothes.
Scroll down to find your name.

Elizabeth and Lorrie

9:00 AM for all Bootcamp and Rehearsal Extras. Scroll down to find your name.
EOL Riders (5)
Frank Spencer
Marvin Rath
Tommy Goodwin
Joe Garcia
Matt Thompson

Wagon Drivers (2)
Casey O'Dell
Dale Howell

Bootcamp Railroad Workers
Aldred Montoya
Carlos Telles
Christopher Lim
Conor Hopper Brooks
Cooper Bowman
David Quan
Garett Ross
Hermenegildo Hernandez
Jake Honeycutt
Jared Davis
Joe Bell
Joe LaGrange
John Quintana
John Veirs
John Whitney
Johnny McInnis
Kevin Wescott
Lance Capaldi
Leo Vargas
Marc Matthews
Matthew Voss
Michael Guajardo
Nathan Curtner
Paul Sanders
Raul Correa
Richard Chong
Richard Ramoso
Rob Jackson
Ross Shaw
Scott Esquibel
Seiji Matsumura
Spencer Graham
Steve Bishop
Steven Fishel
Tho (Ta) Nguyen
Tom Riedel
Tung Tat
Vilis Shipman
Wee Bui
Zacharia Azar

Joey's Guys
Alonzo Montano
Andrew Hatten
Bryan Lark
Christopher Michael
Dylan Bailey
Edward Apodaca
Jacob Aldaz
James Hollis
Joey Hutchens
Johnny Maxwell
Joseph Gallegos
Kevin Scoville
Michael Hatten
Scott Thompson
Soctt Boberschmidt

Railroad Workers
Abran Sanchez
Chowdee Tusiri
Eric Yorty
Hue (Way) Huynh
James Chin
Justin Fan
Lung Xaynhachack
Matthew Luxon
Seth Matlick
Tony An
James Tran

Nial Tack
Jacob Rothstein

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