Thursday, March 29, 2012

Call Time: Friday, March 30

No horse riders tomorrow.

     We will be shooting at the Colby Location, NOT the studios. Please drive slowly on the dirt road to set.
Please scroll down to find your call time: some people have been cast in railroad cars and have a later call. This will not interfere with your town character if you were in the bank or the town. Thanks for your patience

Elizabeth and Lorrie

            6:42 AM
            Stand Ins
            Richard Rangel
            Ryan Chilson
            Timothy Carlson
            Ron Weisberg
            Karl Kaplan

            10:00 AM
            Peter Larson

            10:00 AM
            Michael Taylor

                          7:30 AM
TPD534            Sean McGovern

            9:00 AM
            GREETING PARTY BOYS (4)
TPD538            Dustin Lane
TPD537            Devin Jacobi

            9:00 AM
            GREETING PARTY GIRLS (2)
TPD607            Annette Johnson
TPD606            Kinsey Steingreaber

            6:00 AM
            GREETING PARTY MEN (10)
TPD497             Anton Brown
TPD 457            Chris McCann
TPD424            David Wheeler
TPD415            Doug Harris
TPD474            Eric Porter
TPD496            Henry Hutchison
TPD500            Jim Fisher
TPD444            Lloyd Hickman
TPD531            Philip Keay
TPD430            Richard Garcia
            6:00 AM
            GREETING PARTY WOMEN (6)
TPD 576 **            Susie Lane (replacing Gloria)
TPD 598 **            Cristine Hogsette (replacing Elizabeth)
TPD567 **            Sue Dean (replacingSamantha)
TPD579 A/B            Wendy Boling
TPD584            Shelby Vanderstraeten
TPD590            Charlene Adams

            6:00 AM
            STAFF (5)
TPD488            Nicholas Tesluk
TPD448            John McGarrah
TPD426            Jake Krellin
TPD516            Cedric Bohnert
TPD428            Vincent Chavez
            6:00 AM
            TOWNSWOMEN (20)
TPD587            Alisha Sena
TPD585            Dana Mellen
TPD574 A/B            Denise Edwell
TPD591            El Louise Miller
T12            Erin Degroot
TPD586            Evelyn Tucker  
TPD581 A/B            Georgene Romero
TPD592            Heather Mosley    
TPD583 A/B            Janet Wilson
T25            Karen Mooneyhan
TPD595            Kathy Randall  
TPD600            Kristine Rael
TPD589            Laurel McCloskey
TPD570            Leigh Cooper
TPD593            Maggie Smith   
TPD588            Mary Davidson   
TPD572 A/B            Randa Silva
TPD580 A/B            Rebecca Wilson
TPD596            Sabrina Gomez
TPD599            Terry Mosley

            6:00 AM
            TOWNSMEN (40)
TPD412            Aaron Rivera
TPD530            Alan Le Blanc
TPD468            Andreí Prokopenko
TPD518            Anthony Martinez
TPD416            Billy Howell
TPD458            Chris Cade
TPD483            Chuck Elmore
TPD431            Charles Culberson
TPD401            Dave Durham
TPD501            Destin Hedin
TPD425            Dustin Orbesen
TPD433            Duwayne VanDerStraeten
TPD452            Ed Sipler
TPD505            Felix Tenorio
TPD460            Fred Mitchell
TPD463            Garrick Lindeman
TPD438            Ian Bell
TPD513            James Lane
TPD459            Jason Kinzy
TPD506            Jason Tipton
TPD429            Jason White
TPD466            Jerry McClure
TPD462            Jim Corona
TPD515            Joe Spiess
TPD456            Joel Frazier
TPD450            John Neito
TPD455            Jonathan Mayher
TPD405            Joost Lammers
TPD476            Joseph Austin
TPD498            Keith Thompson
TPD410            LeRoy Lucero
TPD545            Michael Rael
TPD521            Michael Eros
TPD508            Michael Powell
TPD411            Mike Burke
TPD413            Nathan Gleason
TPD479            Nathan New
TPD442            Nicholas Karns
TPD480            Patrick Weir
TPD427            Paul Silva
TPD453            Pete Sandford
TPD475            Phillip French
TPD519            Randy Bartok
TPD434            Richard McGovern
TPD473            Santo Militello
TPD451            Saul Madrid
TPD471            Shane Davis
TPD443            Steven Gancarz
TPD510            Thomas Betenbough
TPD504            Timothy Chavez
TPD409            Tom Blair
TPD414            Tom Gleason
TPD507            Tyson Eakman
TPD417            Villis Shipman
TPD403             Warren Christopher

          7:30 AM
T21            Ronnee Sue Helzner

            10:00 AM
            COLBY TRAIN CAR 3 (18)
TPD490            David Keene
NEED TO FIT            Jason Garner
TPD469            James Valdez
need to fit            Ives Peterson
TPD594            Kristin Karr
TPD512            Brad Royster
TPD578 A/B            Carol Sieber
TPD524            Jim Rishe
TPD445            Timothy Kupjeck
TPD461            Steve  Shaw
TPD516            Justin Sheffler
TPD447            Martin Patterson
TPD440            Stewart Allen
TPD407            Terence Taggart
TPD464            Pablo Quintana
TPD402            Todd Bethke
TPD520            Al Kaylor
TPD470            John Mann
            10:00 AM
            COLBY TRAIN CAR 4 (14)
TPD569 A/B            Alexandria Morrow
TPD577 A/B            Barbara Johnson
TPD423            Joe Case
TPD439            Johnathan Johnson
TPD418            Justin Young
TPD571 A/B            Lisa Hankins
TPD435            Luis Anzures
TPD 422            Michael Lente
TPD432            Michael Lundquist
TPD564 A/B            Nysha-Lynn Livingston
TPD406            Roy Kenny
TPD420            Shanti Thomas
TPD436            Timothy Holmes
            10:00 AM
            JOHN'S CAR TEMPERANCE (20)
T20            Alicia Williams
T14            Cynthia Rowe
T24            David Podrazik
T4            Deborah Dehring
T16            EriCa Feerer
T19            Gary Taber
T2            Judith L'Heureux
T5            Karen Gaines
T3            Kathryn Phipps
T18            Kristine Famborugh
T            Lena Ann Balambao
T11            Margene Gibbs
T27            Michael Garret
T17            Peggy Innes
T23            Rich Hassman
T22            Robin Meize-Grochowski
T13            Sharon Penfold
T7            Susan Medina
T8            Tru Bustos

            10:00 AM
            HELEN'S GIRLS
6            Scarlette Ramos
11            Katriel Bawden

            10:00 AM
            COLBY TRAIN CAR 6 (14)
TPD446            Arthur Usher
TPD561 A/B            Barbie Sullivan
            Ghasak Dubbach
TPD499            Jerry Daniele
TPD568 A/B            Joanne Montgomery
TPD476            Joseph Austin
TPD 422            Michael Lente
TPD449            Ron Krise
TPD407            Terence Taggart
TPD523            John Welch
TPD493            Bryan Benning
TPD575 A/B            Rachel Gibbs
TPD487            David Munroe
need to fit            Tommy Jackson

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