Friday, March 30, 2012

Call Time: Saturday March 31

come having eaten breakfast as it will be over by the time you get there.

6:42 AM
            Stand Ins
            Ryan Chilson
            Paul Quintana

            10:00 AM
            Rebecca Double
            Kimberly Fleming

            10:00 AM
            Dan Double
            Richard Rangel

            8:00 AM
TPD520            Al Kaylor
TPD530            Alan Le Blanc
TPD416            Billy Howell
TPD549            Bruce Lomardi
TPD544            Carl Solomon
TPD401            Dave Durham
TPD490            David Keene
TPD487            David Munroe
TPD452            Ed Sipler
TPD469            James Valdez
TPD429            Jason White
TPD439            Johnathan Johnson
TPD455            Jonathan Mayher
TPD435            Luis Anzures
TPD447            Martin Patterson
TPD521            Michael Eros
TPD442            Nicholas Karns
TPD427            Paul Silva
TPD519            Randy Bartok
TPD406            Roy Kenny
TPD420            Shanti Thomas
TPD461            Steve  Shaw
TPD436            Timothy Holmes
TPD402            Todd Bethke
TPD428            Vincent Chavez
TPD476            Joseph Austin
TPD504            Timothy Chavez
            8:00 AM
            Women (15)
T12            Erin Degroot
TPD596            Sabrina Gomez
TPD572 A/B            Randa Silva
TPD595            Kathy Randall  
TPD581 A/B            Georgene Romero
TPD 565            Ghasak Dubbach
TPD571 A/B            Lisa Hankins
TPD574 A/B            Denise Edwell
TPD564 A/B            Nysha-Lynn Livingston
TPD594            Kristin Karr
TPD578 A/B            Carol Sieber
TPD561 A/B            Barbie Sullivan
TPD580 A/B            Rebecca Wilson
TPD586            Evelyn Tucker  
TPD573 A/B            Sunny Tyrrell

            8:00 AM
TPD534            Sean McGovern
TPD608            Haley McNeil (11)
TPD532            Nick Torres-Smith
TPD609            Moxi McCandle

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