Monday, March 19, 2012

Call Time: Tuesday, March 20 6:30 AM

Please meet us at Colby town, I-40 West to exit 149, turn right and then get into the left lane right away. Turn left onto the frontage road and proceed to the 66 PIT STOP convenience store. Turn right onto the dirt road immediately east of the convenience store. Proceed to the crew parking lot. A van will pick you up in the lot and take you to extras holding. The van drive will take approximately 15 minutes so get to the parking lot early enough to get to holding and to eat breakfast before your report to wardrobe at your call time.

Elizabeth  505-377-8227

6:42 AM
Stand Ins
Wes Trudell
James Blackburn
Brytnee Ratledge
Skye Bleeker

6:30 AM
Ed Khumara

Danny Doubles
Cade Borek
Luke Borek

6:30 AM
EOL Riders (5)
Frank Spencer
Marvin Rath
Tommy Goodwin
Joe Garcia
Sterling Howard

6:30 AM
Wagon Drivers (2)
Casey O'Dell
Matt Thompson

Rachel Gibbs
Heather Mosley    
Terry Mosley
Mary Davidson   
Dana Mellen
ElLouise Miller
Joanne Montgomery
Carol Seiber
Wendy Boling
Rebecca Wilson
Kristin Karr
Michelle Daniele
Sunny Tyrrell
Denise Edwell
Alisha Sena

6:30 AM
Billy Howell
Todd Bethke
Roy Kenny
Terence Taggart
Mike Burke
JJ Jones
Chris Cade
Steve  Shaw
Keith Thompson
Louis Serrano
Santo Militello
Timothy Chavez
Joe Spiess
Randy Bartok
Al Kaylor
Jim Rishe
Estevan Ramirez
Tyler Young
Garrett LaMay
John Welch
Martin Patterson
Jason Quinn
John Neito
Johnathon Johnson
Ed Sipler
Christopher Warren
Joe Hernandez
Michael Lente
Richard McGovern
Shawn McCall

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