Friday, March 16, 2012

Interior Bank, Monday March 26 Townspeople/passengers/dignitaries

The bank interior scene shifted to Monday March 26 at Colby town.
Please call us to confirm if you are available or not.
Elizabeth Gabel

            Town Drunk
TPD545                        Michael Rael

                        Bank Clerk
Bank Clerk                        Michael Norris

TPD507                        Tyson Ekman

                        Women (5)
TPD562 A/B                        Alexandra Lutz
TPD568 A/B                        Joanne Montgomery
TPD578 A/B                        Carol Seiber
TPD582 A/B                        Sandra Gingerie
TPD580 A/B                        Rebecca Wilson

                        Men (15)
TPD410                        LeRoy Lucero
TPD412                        Aaron Rivera
TPD435                        Luis Anzures
TPD438                        Ian Bell
TPD454                        Mike Letwenko
TPD456                        Joel Frazier
TPD478                        Isaac Chavez
TPD479                        Nathan New
TPD483                        Chuck Elmore
TPD496                        Rob Liester
TPD499                        Jerry Daniele
TPD502                        Patrick Bennett
TPD511                        Tom Rostkowski
TPD525                        Estevan Ramirez
TPD527                        Shawn McCall

                        Bank Employee (5)
TPD544                        Carl Solomon
TPD459                        Jason Kinzy
TPD447                        Martin Patterson
TPD425                        Dustin Orbesen
TPD408                        Jeremy W

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