Thursday, April 5, 2012

Call Time: Monday, April 9

We will not be shooting on Friday, April 6 because of the Good Friday Holiday.  Monday we will be shooting in Car 4, 3, 6 and with our Greeting party people and Station Employees.

        Stand Ins
6:42 AM            Wes Trudell            Tonto
6:42 AM            James Blackburn     Lone Ranger
9:42 AM            Ryan Chilson          Heavy Set Ranger
9:42 AM            Richard Rangel      Mustachioed Ranger

              8:00 am
            Greeting Party Men
TPD 457            Chris McCann
TPD424            David Wheeler
TPD415            Doug Harris
TPD474            Eric Porter
TPD496            Henry Hutchison
TPD500            Jim Fisher
TPD531            Philip Keay
TPD430            Richard Garcia
TPD456            Joel Frazier
            8:00 AM
TPD516            Cedric Bohnert
TPD443            Steven Gancarz
TPD488            Nicholas Tesluk
TPD470            John Mann

              8:00 AM

Greeting Party Women
TPD572 A/B            Randa Silva
TPD595                 Kathy Randall  
TPD567                  Sue Dean
TPD579 A/B            Wendy Boling
TPD590                   Charlene Adams
TPD563 A/B            Elizabeth Floyd
TPD570                    Leigh Cooper
TPD577 A/B            Barbara Johnson
TPD574 A/B            Denise Edwell
TPD594                    Kristin Karr
TPD596                    Sabrina Gomez
TPD583 A/B            Janet Wilson

                          8:00 AM
T21                    Ronnee Sue Helzner
                           9:00 am
TPD534            Sean McGovern

                           9:00 AM
TPD607            Annette Johnson
TPD537            Devin Jacobi
TPD538            Dustin Lane

                     7:18 AM
Passenger Car 3
TPD578 A/B    Carol Sieber
TPD524            Jim Rishe
TPD461            Steve  Shaw
TPD447            Martin Patterson
TPD440            Stewart Allen
TPD407            Terence Taggart
TPD464            Pablo Quintana
TPD402            Todd Bethke
TPD520            Al Kaylor
TPD433            Duwayne VanDerStraeten            
TPD584            Shelby VanDerStraeten           
TPD425            Dustin Orbesen 
                          Laurel McClosky         

                  7:18 AM

Passenger Car 4
TPD423            Joe Case
TPD439            Johnathan Johnson
TPD418            Justin Young
TPD435            Luis Anzures
TPD 422            Michael Lente
TPD432            Michael Lundquist
TPD564 A/B    Nysha-Lynn Livingston
TPD420            Shanti Thomas
TPD436            Timothy Holmes
TPD490            David Keene
                          Jason Garner
TPD469            James Valdez
TPD512            Brad Royster


                     7:18 AM
            Passenger Car 6
TPD446            Arthur Usher
TPD416            Billy Howell
TPD549            Bruce Lombardelli
TPD493            Bryan Benning
TPD487            David Munroe
TPD499            Jerry Daniele
TPD523            John Welch
TPD476            Joseph Austin
TPD480            Patrick Weir
TPD427            Paul Silva
TPD575 A/B    Rachel Gibbs
TPD519            Randy Bartok
TPD434            Richard McGovern
TPD449            Ron Krise

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