Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Call Time: Thursday April 26

Please be early to eat breakfast. Bring a water bottle to fill as we are trying to cut out plastic bottles. We will have water there. And remember to please drive 25 miles an hour on the dirt road because it is a dangerous road.

No Railroad workers, no band

Elizabeth and Lorrie

Stand Ins
6:42 am Kimberly Fleming           
6:42 am Christine Schwatken           
6:42 am Ryan Chilson                         
6:42 am Jamie Powers                         

Danny Doubles           
7:12 am   Cade Borek           
10:12  am  Luke Borek

    6:00 AM
            Mounted Cavalry
CS1042            Frank Spencer
CS1043            Steve Burke
CS1044            Billy Burke
CS1034            Joe Garcia
CS1050            Marvin Rath
need to fit            Eddie Thomason

            6:00 AM
            Horse Carriage Drivers
W1206            Dale Howell
W1221            Steve Rorhbaugh
                        Casey O'Dell

           6:00 AM

TPD558            Albert Fry
TPD557            Chris Lovato
TPD551            Gary Harber
TPD496            Kelly Shaw
TPD559            Scott Weathington
TD398                         William Phillips

            5:30 AM
            Red's Girls
R304            Jennifer Montry
R310            Alexandria Morrow
R305            Sara Pacheco
R317            Jessica Record
R328            Brandy Newman
R307            Sandy Baca
R327            Sara Ryan
R322            Rebecca Casteel
                     Tatyana Dudnick

           7:00 AM
TPD412            Aaron Rivera
TPD497             Anton Brown
TPD544            Carl Solomon
TPD501            Destin Hedin
TPD433            Dwayne VanDerStraeten
TPD463            Garrick Lindeman
TPD506            Jason Tipton
TPD462            Jim Corona
TPD450            John Nieto
TPD523            John Welch
TPD476            Joseph Austin
TPD521            Michael Eros
TPD449            Ron Krise
TPD461            Steve Shaw
TPD402            Todd Bethke
TPD409            Tom Blair
TPD637            Angel Gasca
TPD640            Daniel Hanz
TPD641            David Mack Aubol
TPD634            Don Border
TPD645            Douglas Peck
TPD629            Eric Maldonado
TPD646            Eric Thelander
TPD642            Garth Fitzpatrick
TPD643            Matthew Hunter
TPD630            Ryan Fellows
TPD527            Shawn McCall
TPD636            Steve Davis

             6:00 AM
TPD562 A/B            Alexandra Lutz
TPD578            Carol Sieber
TPD586            Evelyn Tucker  
TPD581 A/B            Georgene Romero
TPD595            Kathy Randall  
TPD600            Kristine Rael
TPD571 A/B            Lisa Hankins
TPD593            Maggie Smith   
TPD584            Shelby VanDerStraeten
TPD573 A/B            Sunny Tyrell

TPD622            Christine Sands
TPD612            Claire Gentry
TPD625            Kerry Leigh
TPD623            Kimberley Hawley
TPD611            Lenka Hrebickova
TPD624            Maria Cordova
TPD619            Melody Carpenter
TPD613            Rachel Hartzog
TPD621            Sarah York
TPD614            Sherri Barth
TPD620            Victoria Sadoff

            6:00 AM
CS1000            Osiris Castanda
CS1001            Brandon McDaniel
CS1002            Miguel Lopez-Fresquet
CS1003            Anthony Campisi
CS1004            Tom A Lemaster
CS1010            Tim Riordan
CS1014            Nathan Galesic
CS1015            Jon Deyhle
CS1017            RJ Kirkhope
CS1018            Will Kirkhope
CS1021            Daniel Zollinger
CS1029            Wesley Salter
CS1035            Jett Boynton
CS1049            Cody Feador
CS1054            Jordan Rivers
CS1019            Sean Durham
CS1051            James Green
CS1046            Bryce Delano
CS1025            Samuel Coulter
CS1033            Mario Thomas
CS1006            Sean Weimorts
CS1055            Robert Baldwin
CS1052            Derek Hargrove
CS1008            TJ Frouge
CS1020            Aaron Curtis
CS1022            Thomas Wilcox
CS1028            Todd Ellliot
CS1040            Jon Tibbets
CS1045            Justin Hollowell
CS1056            Joshua Wade
CS1016            Scott Connors
CS1009            Matt Bonfadini
CS1057            Jake Honeycutt
CS1026            Walker Williamson
CS1027            Christopher Martinez

1 comment:

  1. I drove the dirt road this afternoon to test out the driving time. Some people zipped past me going 25 mph; but, my car likes to go about 10-15 mph on that dirt road. So, it took me 20 minutes to do that 4-mile dirt road drive. I'm camping at the Travel Center by the Casino which is across the street from the Pit Stop. You can park your RV here for free, and there are 24/7 showers for $5.00 a shower. Beats camping at Enchanted Trails which is 7.4 miles from the start of the dirt road. Enchanted Trails said they were the closest campground, but they obviously didn't count the Travel Center which actually is the closest. Happy trails!!! :)