Thursday, May 24, 2012

Call Time: Friday, May 25

At 9:30 pm, after we had posted the call times, Eric Lasko called us and changed what is shooting for tomorrow night. We will NOT HAVE  the fireman, engineer, railroad workers, and will only have 8 cavalry. (the 8 cavalry remaining were chosen because they worked in the scenes on Friday May 11)

Our deepest apologies for the changes. We will call you in the morning to confirm.

There are no Jupiter Car People, Car 4 People nor Car 6 people tomorrow. Thanks for the great work this week. PLEASE do not shave your beards as we will still be shooting interior railroad cars next week. All male extras should not shave until AFTER June 2.

PLEASE NOTE: We  moved out of our Alb. Studios offices today and the 505-227-2920 number is no longer valid. please call us at the number below.

Elizabeth - 505-377-8227

            Stand Ins
10:00 AM            Steven Belflower
10:00 AM            Nicholas Fleming
7:00 PM            Kim Fleming

            Cole Photo Double
8:00 AM            Kirk Allen

10:30            Danny Doubles
                       Cade  Borek

            6:00 PM
            Cavalry (8)
CS1003            Anthony Campisi
CS1027            Christopher Martinez
CS1021            Daniel Zollinger
CS1032            Derrick Hurst
CS1057            Jake Honeycutt
CS1054            Jordan Rivers
CS1013            Sam Ogren
CS1025            Samuel Coulter

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