Sunday, May 13, 2012

Call Time: Monday May 14

Train car passengers will have to work several days this week. So be prepared to work additional days.

                            Stand Ins
8:42 AM            Wes Trudell
8:42 AM            James Blackburn
7:42 AM            Richard Rangel

            10:30 AM
            Eric Taylor

            10:30 AM
            Michael Taylor

            6:30 AM
            Train Passengers
TPD439            Johnathan Johnson
TPD427            Paul Silva
TPD480            Patrick Weir
TPD524            Jim Rishe
TPD499            Jerry Daniele
TPD523            John Welch
TPD436            Timothy Holmes
TPD519            Randy Bartok
TPD520            Al Kaylor
TPD447            Martin Patterson
TPD549            Bruce Lombardelli
TPD402            Todd Bethke
TPD438            Ian Bell
TPD440            Stewart Allen
TPD468            Andreí Prokopenko
TPD473            Santo Militello
TPD479            Nathan New
TPD454            Mike Letwenko
TPD420            Shanti Thomas
TPD404            Bob Wiggins
TPD403            Warren Christopher
TPD576            Susie Gillespie
TPD578            Carol Sieber
TPD575             Rachel Gibbs
TPD571             Lisa Hankins

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