Thursday, July 19, 2012

Call Time: Thursday, July 19

There will be a van pick up at 5:00 pm for speciality extras at the Sage inn.

Stand Ins
5:10 PM            Bryntee Ratledge
5:10 PM            Collis Bouslimann
5:10 PM            Steve Menzies
            5:00 PM
            Jim Firkins

            6:00 PM
            Eddy Thomason
            Joe Garcia
            Rowdy Gardner

            6:00 PM
            Carriage Driver
            Casey O'Dell

            6:00 PM
            PROSTITUTES (5)
HOW6            Dawn Hunter
HOW5            Ana Cohen
HOW20            Rebekah Apodaca
HOW28            Valentina Hart
HOW 76            Claudia Nunn

            6:00 PM
            PARASOL LADY
            Ashley Kalfas

            6:00 PM
            TOOTHACHE PATIENTS (2)
            Summer Smith
            6:00 PM
            DOG BOY
            Kyle Jacobson

            6:00 PM
            Jennifer Ritter

            6:00 PM
            FIRE-EATING LADY
            Annie Celeste McCulley

            6:00 PM
            SNAKE CHARMER
            Emma Lee Hoganson

            6:00 PM
            FORTUNE TELLER
            Laura Lee Houck
            6:00 PM
            Bruno Petersons
            6:00 PM
            Daniel Smith

            6:00 PM
            DR. BILE
            Gary Owen Faas
            6:00 PM
            QUACK DOCTOR
            Craig Anderson
            6:00 PM
            NAIL MAN
            Daniel Hancock

            6:00 PM
            MIDGET DOLLS
            Rebekah Barlow
            Olivia Wood

            6:00 PM
            Trantula Eater
            Cary Drage
HOW 74            Jordan Drage

            6:00 PM
            Hope McCurdey
            6:00 PM
            Todd Wilkinson
            6:00 PM
            Bill Quinn
            6:00 PM
            Fire Dancer
            Tonya Kay
            6:00 PM
            DWARVES (MALE)
            Gilbert Serna
            Stephen Hatch

            6:00 PM
            DWARVES (FEMALE)
            Melodie Winn
            Katie Masterson

            6:00 PM
            SAMURAI WRESTLERS #1
            Leland Collins, Sr

            5:00 PM
HOW12            Pattie O'Berg
HOW17            Charlene Shildmyer
HOW18            Cynthia Ladds
HOW            Ellen Goldberg
T2            Judith L'Heureux
T3            Kathryn Phipps
T7            Susan Medina
T11            Margene Gibbs
T21            Ronnee Sue Helzner
T16            Erika Feerer
T14            Cynthia Rowe

            5:00 PM
            MOB MEN
HOW34            Barry Handelsman
HOW63            Ben Leitch
HOW62            Brian Collins
HOW47            Charles Ellis
HOW37            Dan Bergman
HOW56            David Smallwood
HOW53            Greg Kuebli
HOW38            Israel Serr
HOW35            John Carr
                          Juan Mora
HOW55            Larry Langway
HOW46            Manuel Chavez
HOW50            Michael Fitzgerald
HOW59            Nathan Gleason
HOW54            Stephen Harris
HOW66            Steve Guthrie
HOW43            Tom LaSalle
HOW57            Travis Jones
RF11                 Pablo Paz

            5:00 PM
            MOB WOMEN
HOW27            Alisha Sena
HOW23            Audrey Thompson
HOW24            Barbara Cole
HOW7            Carol Sieber
HOW25            Carol Williamson
HOW4            Charlene Adams
HOW14            Dana Mellen
HOW32            Diana McGuerty
HOW8            Donna Booher
HOW11            El Louise Miller
HOW22            Evelyn Tucker  
HOW10            Hannah Morrow
HOW13            Heather Totschek
HOW 78            Janet Wilson
HOW15            Joan Newman
HOW9            Kristine Rael
HOW2            Maggie Smith   
HOW 73            Marie Quinn
HOW19            Marti Mills
HOW3            Mary Davidson   
HOW21            Melanie Roller
HOW16            Nysha-Lynn Livingston
HOW30            Patrice Mascolo
HOW1            Stephanie Newman
            Michaela Rizza

            6:00 PM
            CHINESE MOB (10)
HOW42            Chester Laurence
HOW45            Chowdee Tusiri
HOW67            Huy Pham
HOW68            Julius Le
HOW60            Kevin Zhou
HOW70            Loc Pham
HOW48            Matthew Luxon
HOW44            Mel Sanchez
HOW69            Michael Ha
HOW41            Seiji Matsumura
            5:00 PM
TPD412            Aaron Rivera
TPD530            Alan Le Blanc
TPD416            Billy Howell
HOW72            Bruce McCallum
TPD493            Bryan Benning
TPD458            Chris Cade
TPD401            Dave Durham
TPD501            Destin Hedin
TPD452            Ed Sipler
TPD505            Felix Tenorio
TPD438            Ian Bell
TPD513            James Lane
TPD491            Jason Quinn
TPD462            Jim Corona
TPD441            JJ Jones
TPD515            Joe Spiess
TPD476            Joseph Austin
TPD498            Keith Thompson
TPD410            LeRoy Lucero
TPD503            Mario Febres
HOW64            Mark Ericksen
TPD419            Mark Nava
TPD521            Michael Eros
HOW33            Michael McGuerty
TPD508            Michael Powell
TPD545            Michael Rael
TPD411            Mike Burke
TPD442            Nicholas Karns
TPD481            Roy Morgan
TPD451            Saul Madrid
TPD443            Steven Gancarz
TPD510            Thomas Betenbough
TPD409            Tom Blair
TPD414            Tom Gleason
            5:00 PM
RW113            David Moore
RW681            David Pino
RW684            David Tucker
RW622            Erik Zakrzweski
RW615            Garrett Ross
HOW39            Ian Hudson
RW643            Jake Honeycutt
RW726            Jerry Vahn Knight
RW639            Marc Matthews
RW613            Michael Guajardo
RW629            Michael Redondo
RW669            Nial Tack (480-4353)
HOW31            Philip Heisey
RW630            Richard Martinez
RW672            Rob Jackson
HOW40            Robb Moon
HOW36            Scott Esquibel
RW733            Scott Matthews
HOW65            Sky Connolly
RW626            Tom Riedel
HOW71            Zac Wallace

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