Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Call time: Wednesday August 16

Shawn McCall needs a ride and is willing to help with gas.  505-410-2109 Indian School and Eubank

Stand Ins
8:06 AM            Wes Trudell
7:45 AM            James Blackburn

12:30 PM            Michael Taylor

            Heavy Se Ranger
12:30 PM            Nick Ward

            7:00 AM
TPD561            Barbie Sullivan
TPD564            Nysha-Lynn Livingston
TPD586*            Ariel Lopez
TPD589            Laurel McCloskey
TPD613*            Laura Brown Hanks
TPD619            Melody Carpenter
TPD625            Kerry Leigh

            7:30 AM
TPD406            Roy Kenny
TPD412            Aaron Rivera
TPD423            Joe Case
TPD431            Charles Culberson
TPD446            Arthur Usher
TPD452            Ed Sipler
TPD455            Jonathan Mayher
TPD464            Pablo Quintana
TPD476            Joseph Austin
TPD493            Brian Benning
TPD501            Destin Hedin
TPD527            Shawn McCall
TPD454*            Fabian Valle

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