Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jupiter Car

We will be shooting the Jupiter car in Angel Fire next Monday August 20 and possibly 21.   The Assistant Directors want us to double the people list below with extras from Angel Fire.  We cannot provide housing or travel, but if you would like to come to Angel Fire to work, you are invited to do so.
Please call us at 505-377-8227

J9            David Rambaldi
J7            Benjamin Krcal
T2            Shlomo Beauchamp
TPD527            Shawn McCall
J22            Erica Entrop
J15            James  Bisenieks
TPD581 A/B            Georgene Romero
TPD647            Preston Harmon
TPD479            Nathan New
T2            Shlomo Beauchamp
TPD558            Albert Fry
J26            Jennifer Kelly
TPD535            Eric Hall
J1            Stoney Tarter
TPD611            Lenka Hrebickova
TPD464            Pablo Quintana
TPD538            Dustin Lane
J14            Robert Flurry
?????            Chiara Aurelia
TPD431            Charles Culberson
????            Devin Jacobi
????            James Haynes
TPD580 A/B            Rebeca Wilson
J24            Kirsten Rendina
????            Kyle Yonan
????            Loren Garner
TD398            William Phillips

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