Saturday, August 18, 2012

Call Time: Monday August 20

The location for Monday August 20 has changed. The map you received was incorrect. We will be shooting in Cimarron Canyon past Eagle Nest.

We will email you a new map this morning. Please call or email us to confirm that you got the new map


            Stand Ins
7:45 AM            Wes Trudell
7:45 AM            James Blackburn
W?N            Kyle Lovell

            7:00 AM
J1            Brinn Colenda
J14            Britt Vanderlei
J15            Marcus Bowers
J2            Gerard Sanchez
J28            Tim Wilson
J3            Caleb Brown
J5            Tom LaSalle
J7            Benjamin Krcal
J9            Drew Kimble
TPD398            William Phillips
TPD479            Nathan New
TPD558            Billy Jack Bohannon
TPD647            Steve Davis
            6:30 AM
J23            Jennifer Anderson
J24            Victoria Clowe
J27            Delia Maher
J30            Carol Walker
TPD580            Indiana Walker
TPD581            Georgene Romero
TPD589            Laurel McCloskey
TPD611            Lenka Hrebickova
            8:00 AM
TPD538            Dustin Lane
TPD537            Devin Jacobi
TPD535            Cameron O'Neill
            Cullen O'Neil
            7:30 AM
            Canion Covazos
J26            Chiara Aurelia

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