Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lone Ranger Winding Down

Lone Ranger will be moving on to California this Saturday, September 1 and will be leaving New Mexico; therefore, we will not be  using any more train car passengers.

Many thanks to all the wonderful extras that worked on this production to make it one of the best I have cast. Your dedication to our project that helped us get through the tough casting times.

Lorrie and I will be casting two new projects:
Wilde Ride about the 50 to 1 Kentucky Derby Winner "Mine that Bird"
Lone Survivor about the failed SEAL team 10 Operation Red Wing in Afghanistan in 2005

For Lone Survivor we are again looking for Hispanic men and Middle Eastern men with long beards and for SEAL military types with longish hair and beards.

Lorrie and I will change our production phone numbers

I will no longer carry the 505-377-8227 number, but will have a new number;'505-331-3537

Thanks again for the amazing dedication to this project



  1. Hi Saul here. i still got my beard, its long now, for the lone survivor

  2. can you email an updated photo:

  3. Art Brokop II it was a pleasure to work on Lone Ranger. I am interested in lone survivor. still have beard no steal has been near it (have some Hebrew knowledge if a language coach would be interested in teaching Arabic - same language family). e-mail will have a new phone number soon.

  4. Hi, I'm interested in Wilde Ride. Keep me posted. Loved all the work on the Lone Ranger. Had a blast. Thanks for using me. The crew was excellent and treated all of us extras great. Kathy Thibodaux

  5. Hi, Elizabeth & Lorrie -
    -I just sent Elizabeth an email via egcasting profile messaging - I'm nearly as enthusiastic about WILD RIDE as I was about LONE RANGER! Please consider me. ... lots of horse background, some track background, closer to Las Cruces & ELP than I was to ABQ/Santa Fe.
    -Just last evening, I was telling a SAG actor at a party how wonderful you both were, and also the entire Disney production crew on LONE RANGER. I felt very (pleasantly) spoiled, and sooo fortunate to have been part of LR team -- THANK YOU!