Saturday, September 29, 2012


We are looking for former military, with RECENT, experience between the ages of 22 and 36, to grow beards for roles as SEALS in Lone Survivor, with Mark Wahlberg. This is a great opportunity to work on a great set. Please call me at 505-266-6972 for more information and email a current photo to

Friday, September 28, 2012

Call Time: Saturday Sept 29

If you have any questions or problems, please call us at 505-331-3537

Stand Ins
6:42 am Johnathan Johnson
6:42 am Joel Frazier
7:42 am Timmy Carlson

6:30 AM
ND Drivers w/cars (6)
Tim Brown
Charlie Greene
Justin Doyle
Todd Elliott
Jaime Powers
Joe Baca
Jamie Howard

9:30 AM
Bar Patrons (8)
Daniel Cunningham
Brad Royster
Kari Dole
Victoria Ujczo

9:30 AM
Poker Players (4)
Bill Dewan
Joshua Wade
Richard Salazar
Ray Wilson

9:30 AM
Virgil Stephens

Lovely lady
Kristin Karr

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Call Time; Friday,Sept 28

6:42A            Stand-ins
                        Johnathan Johnson
8:45 AM            Joel Frazier

8:45A            ND Drivers w/cars
                    Wes Burton
                  Autumn Rivers

9:00 Am            Hispanic men
                         Juan Mora
                         Joe Aragon

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Call Time: Thursday, September 27

6:12 AM            Johnathan Johnson
6:12 AM           Brytnee Ratledge
            6:00 AM
            ND Drivers w/cars
            Carol Byrd
            Abraham Garcia

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Call Time: Sunday, Sept 23


Park on central and sixth street across from the Launchpad, a van will pick you up and bring you to holding at the Hyatt Regency. Please bring all your clothes with you when you come. Do not leave them in the car until after you have been through wardrobe.

PLEASE BRING THREE FULL CHANGES OF CLOTHES. Women come with hair and makeup done. Remember, the better you look the closer to camera you will be placed. SHOES are everything, women, please bring dress shoes and hose.

MEN- ALL men need to bring at least 1 nice dark suit with all the matching accessories (ties, shoes, belt, and black dress socks) They should come dressed in their best choice and bring at least (3) shirt and tie options as well. French cuffed shirts, cuff links, and tie pins are welcome also… this is aformal east coast event  NO WESTERN WEAR AT ALL…i.e. NO BOLO TIES, NO COWBOY BOOTS (this also goes for women)

WOMEN-should also come dressed in their best choice of either a floor or cocktail length evening dress. PLEASE BE SURE AT LEAST ONE CHOICE IS A SOLID BLACK DRESS (if you have one)

(very little or no pattern) sequin and sparkle and beading ok, beautiful shoes, evening clutches with appropriate light evening outerwear (shawls, light sweaters, evening coats) and jewelry to coordinate.NO NEW MEXICO feel, this is a very high class east coast event set in Kentucky.  Colors that are encouraged are burgundy, navy, black, dark brown, ivory, deeper greens and blues, plums, grey, and platinum.  Also, appropriate accessories (hose, jewelry, purses, shawls, and off camera comfort shoes if needed)

bring your driver's license and social security card.

Questions or problems call Elizabeth at 505-331-3537

5:30 PM
Stand ins
Johnathan Johnson
Brytnee Ratledge
Tim Carlson
Jamie Bouer

3:42 PM
Stewart Allen

3:42 PM
Saeed Bin Suroor
Bernardo Saracino

3:42 PM
Pretty Girl Dancing w/Mark
Elizabeth Dwyer

4:30 PM
Mrs. Baffert
Suzanne Wilcox

3:42 PM
Maktoum's Wife
Stephanie Bottinelli

3:42 PM
Maktoum's Entourage (5)
Khalid Naz
Isaac Allen
Johnny Shariff
Ron Azar
Shadi Roussoun

3:42 PM
Pioneer of the Nile owner
Alex Abweh

3:42 PM
David Dye

3:42 PM
Mrs. Covington
Sanja DeGarmo

3:42 PM
Mrs. Huffman
Ann Simon

3:42 PM
Trophy Wives (5)
Trish Sloan
 Giselle Campos
Manda Kresge
Desiree Wagy

4:00 PM
Indignant Man
Clint Anderson

4:00 PM
Indignant man's wife
Heidi Anderson

4:00 PM
Upperclass Women (55)
Aislinn Cliff
Alexandra Lutz
Alexandra Ringsby
Alisa Lauer
Amberlee Toney
Amanda LaVone
Angela Williams (Jockey Girl)
Anne Gregory
Annie Abbott
Carol Sieber
Charlene Adams
Charlene Shildmyer
Charlene Widgeon
Christina Lancellotti
Cindy Carroll
Cindy Kimray
Corianne Glazener
Corina Gulino
Crystal Miller
Dana Mellen
Dani Lenski
Deborah Blanche
Deidre Strange
Ella Frank
Ellen Portas
Genevieve Trainor
Hannah Morrow
Harriet Krcal
Jennifer Sharp
JoAnn Tapia
Jodi Thomas
Kate Lee

4:30 PM
Kathy Randall
Kellie Whittlinger
Kelly McClelland
Kloppel De Maeseneer
Laura Brown Hanks
Laura Hillstrom
Laurel McCloskey
Lenka Hrebickova
Leslie Rechner
Lisa Hankins
Lynn Washburn Arnold
Magda Mateca
Melinda Martinez
Melody Carpenter
Misty Lindeman
Nysha Livingston
Peggy Innes
Rachel Dorkins
Rebecca Arscott
Rebecca Wilson
Samantha Cafferky
Sandy Baca
Sarah Hall
Sarah Jones
Shanda Gaddy
Shannon Webb
Shelby VanDerStraeten
Shelley Carney
Shona Ferguson
Stephanie Rizor
Tina Borek
Twyla Nemeth
Vanessa Torres

5:00 PM
Senator Types and Officials (19)
Arthur Alpert
Benjamin Roderfer
Clifton Chadwick
David Meeks
David Ryan
Don Salt
Ernest LaBreck
Fred Resler
Gary Dannenbaum
Kenneth Hayduk
Larry Erickson
Lawrence Kruckeberg
Michael McElhare
Nels Winkless
Roy McDonald
Russell Lucas
Sue Dean
Vic Rosenthal
Warren Christopher
Wesley Burton

4:30 PM
Nicely-Dressed Men (70)
Adrian Doerfler
Allan Kemp
Alex Thorne
Andrew Litton
Barry Ore
Benjamin Krcal
Bill Peterson
Bob Kaye
Brenan Searain
Charles Khan
Chester Laurence
Chris Cade
Chris McCann
Chuck Skeens
Daniel Franco
Darrick Hurst
Dave Lynch
David Heeter
David Innes
David Rosales
Dick Shaw
Dietger De Maeseneer
Doug Harris
Doug Hearon
Doug Peck
Dow Andres Lee 
Dylan Jack Voltura
Eoghan Doyle
Eric Porter
Erik Beacham 
Francis Wolak
Fred Ginsberg
Gannon Coffman
Gary Jaesin
Gil Sanchez
Greg Mascarenas
Gregory Romero

Hans Eisenhart
Jake Honeycutt
James Bisenieks
James Cliff

4:45 PM
James Scheer
Jeff Poole
Jim Fisher
Jim Wisniewski
JJ Jones
John Roth
Kaden Watson
Kelly Shaw
Kent Rechner
Kevin O'Hara
Lane Easley
Luis Montano
Malcolm Webb
Marc Matthews
Mark Cormack
Mark Roberts
Mark Voltura
Matt Naegeli
Max Martinez
Michael Glennon
Michael Taylor
Michael Thomas
Mitch Stillman
Nathan New 
Nick Dougherty

Patrick Manteufel
Paul Caster
Preston Harmon
Randy Bartok
Rick Courville
Robert Duke
Robert Nemeth
Roger Hooker
Roy Canton
Roy Kenny
Samuel Coulter
Sarah Hall
Sergio Gonzales
Shawn McCall
Steve Davis
Steve Most
Steve Tollefson
Steve Wallace
Steven Paull
Tim Turner
Tom Fightmaster
Tony DeVita
William Gunter

Friday, September 21, 2012

Call time: Saturday Sept 22

Please park at Central and sixth and a van will take you to the check point. Please bring all your clothes with you from parking. 

Women, please come with hair and makeup done. Shoes are everything, so please bring dressy shoes, no flip flop or sandals. 

For the college Dudes and Girls, please bring a light jacket.

If you have questions or problems please call Elizabeth at 505-331-3537

10:00 PM
Well Dressed Men w/cars
Allan Kemp
Michael Glennon
Steven Paull
Thomas Dean
Bob Kaye

10:00 PM
New Elegant Derby Ball (6)
Francis  Wolak
Lisa Hankins
Robby Duke
Lane Easley
Kimberly Weeth
Brytnee Ratledge
William Gunter

Elegant Deby Ball (11)
John Roth
Ella Frank
Bill Peterson
Robert Gassaway
Sara Hall
Roy Kenny
Alex Thorne
Barry Ore
Corina Gulino
Charlene Shildmyer
Britanny Herr

10:00 PM
Stephen Weir
Casey Davis

1:30 PM
Mrs Baffert
Susanna Wilcox

7:15 PM
College Men (16)
Taylor Murray
Colin  MacCosbe
Jeff Hooten
 Preston Standiferd
Phillip Shaw
Ian Austin -Hudson
Jason Weller
Phillip  McFerrin
Shawn Degener
Cory Skipper
Cameron Lind
Joe Case
Cody Feador

6:30 PM
Girls who hold up Chip
Pricilla Rodger
Shea Marcum

6:30 PM
Women  (23)
Ahsley Warshawsky
Taylor Scanlon
Chelsa Borek
Andrea Costello
Mary Bowman
Rebecca Minton
Alex Higgin
Alexandra Hall
Katie Burnett
Wendy Fisher
Sara Griseto
Sara Rowe

Ginger Cupit

Samantha Pearson
Rachel Schilling
Liz Turner
Abby Hull