Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ballroom Scene - Sunday

Check back Sunday Morning for the call time.

MEN- ALL men need to bring at least 1 nice dark suit with all the matching accessories (ties, shoes, belt, and black dress socks) They should come dressed in their best choice and bring at least (3) shirt and tie options as well. French cuffed shirts, cuff links, and tie pins are welcome also… this is a formal east coast event  NO WESTERN WEAR AT ALL…i.e. NO BOLO TIES, NO COWBOY BOOTS (this also goes for women)

WOMEN-should also come dressed in their best choice of either a floor or cocktail length evening dress. PLEASE BE SURE AT LEAST ONE CHOICE IS A SOLID BLACK DRESS (if you have one)
(very little or no pattern) sequin and sparkle and beading ok, beautiful shoes, evening clutches with appropriate light evening outerwear (shawls, light sweaters, evening coats) and jewelry to coordinate. NO NEW MEXICO feel, this is a very high class east coast event set in Kentucky.  Colors that are encouraged are burgundy, navy, black, dark brown, ivory, deeper greens and blues, plums, grey, and platinum.  Also, appropriate accessories (hose, jewelry, purses, shawls, and off camera comfort shoes if needed)

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