Friday, September 21, 2012

Call Time: Friday Sept 21

Please bring three (3) full out fits with khakis, nice jeans, skirts, business casual in muted tones, browns, gray, greens, blues,  NO shorts, no flip flops no sandals.

Desk clerks and Bartender and Waitress bring what wardrobe instructed you to bring. 

Call if you have any problems or questions

Elizabeth 505-331-3537

12:42 PM
Stand Ins
Johnathan Johnson
Joel Frazier
Steve Cuomo

4:00 PM
Desk Clerks (2)
Sam Hewit
Denise Edwell

4:00 PM
Hotel Guests
Cynthia Benning
Kerryanne Devine
Ian Phillips
Jeremy Holder
Jean Culberson

6:30 PM
Anthony Reynolds

6:30 PM
Rachel Hartzog

6:30 PM
Patrons at bar (4)
JD Strait
Steve Bourquin
Robert Fox
Shanti Thomas

6:30 PM
Patrons at Tables (10)
Jennie Kirby
Crystal Reynolds
Daniel Cunningham
Damien Thomas
Faye Atkins
Aaron Harmon
Jessca Record
Ned Record
Keith Lewis Brown
Stephanie Simon

9:00 PM
New Patrons (6)
Rich Brull
Jami Purcell
Andrea Keppel
Daniel Petrush
Kenny Goldstein
Ida Partman

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