Friday, September 21, 2012

Call time: Saturday Sept 22

Please park at Central and sixth and a van will take you to the check point. Please bring all your clothes with you from parking. 

Women, please come with hair and makeup done. Shoes are everything, so please bring dressy shoes, no flip flop or sandals. 

For the college Dudes and Girls, please bring a light jacket.

If you have questions or problems please call Elizabeth at 505-331-3537

10:00 PM
Well Dressed Men w/cars
Allan Kemp
Michael Glennon
Steven Paull
Thomas Dean
Bob Kaye

10:00 PM
New Elegant Derby Ball (6)
Francis  Wolak
Lisa Hankins
Robby Duke
Lane Easley
Kimberly Weeth
Brytnee Ratledge
William Gunter

Elegant Deby Ball (11)
John Roth
Ella Frank
Bill Peterson
Robert Gassaway
Sara Hall
Roy Kenny
Alex Thorne
Barry Ore
Corina Gulino
Charlene Shildmyer
Britanny Herr

10:00 PM
Stephen Weir
Casey Davis

1:30 PM
Mrs Baffert
Susanna Wilcox

7:15 PM
College Men (16)
Taylor Murray
Colin  MacCosbe
Jeff Hooten
 Preston Standiferd
Phillip Shaw
Ian Austin -Hudson
Jason Weller
Phillip  McFerrin
Shawn Degener
Cory Skipper
Cameron Lind
Joe Case
Cody Feador

6:30 PM
Girls who hold up Chip
Pricilla Rodger
Shea Marcum

6:30 PM
Women  (23)
Ahsley Warshawsky
Taylor Scanlon
Chelsa Borek
Andrea Costello
Mary Bowman
Rebecca Minton
Alex Higgin
Alexandra Hall
Katie Burnett
Wendy Fisher
Sara Griseto
Sara Rowe

Ginger Cupit

Samantha Pearson
Rachel Schilling
Liz Turner
Abby Hull

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