Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Call time: Thursday September 20

My Phone number is 505-331-3537

K MART SHOPPERS - This is an early spring scene so bring 3 (three) full outfits, jeans or khakis. Shirts  in   tans, pink, blue, light browns, light greens, khakis, grey, ivory, beige, camel. they can be t-shirts, polos, button downs.
No flip flops, or sandals, no shorts and please bring a light jacket. No blacks, reds or whites or no logos.

11:30 AM

K Mart Customers
Amber Morgentern
Brooke Taylor
Ellen Hibray
Teri Sheperd
Sarah Beasley
Brian Gilligan
Angela Chavez Brock
Evelyn Martinez
Michael Taylor
Henry Salas
Brian Carrasco

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