Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Longmire needs 18 year olds

Longmire is looking for 100 18 year olds to work on Friday, June 22. please call him as soon as possible.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Call Time: LAST STAND, Monday June 11

12:00 Midnight

Please come having eaten as lunch with have already been served.

Josh Wade
Dean Thomas
Jason Dueter
Andres Dow
Eric Taylor

Location: Bobby Foster Road.

Elizabeth Gabel

Thursday, June 7, 2012


EG casting has picked up the Ed Harris Western Sweetwater, which will be shooting starting July 11.  We will be looking for all ages and ethnicities,  so men please keep your beards.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Company Move

The company has moved to Colorado and will be back in Mid July, when we will continue to shoot with railroad workers, townspeople in late July and  Temperance, car 4, car 6 and the Jupiter car in mid August.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Call Time: Monday June 4

Stand Ins
Will Notify   James Blackburn
7;42 AM       Johnathan Johnson
7:42 AM       Wes Trudell

6:30 AM
John's Car/Temperance
Alicia Williams
Betty Fraizer
Cynthia Rowe
Daphne Ross
Erika Feerer
Glenda Cade
Judith L'Heureux
Karen Gaines
Karen Mooneyhan
Kathryn Phipps
Kay Osborn
Keith Connell
Kristine Fambrough
Lena Ann Balamboa
Margene Gibbs
Michael Garrett
Peggy Innes
Rich Hassman
Robin Meize-Grochowski
Susan Medina
Tru Bustos
Denise Holland

6:30 AM
Jim Firkins
Jack Klintworth
Zoltan Duo
Fernando Garavito

10:30 AM
Scarlette Ramos

9:30 AM
Katriel Bawden

11:00 am
Aallyah Duran
3:00 pm
Sasha Duran

7:30 Am
Scarlette Double
Elizabeth Blagrave

7:30 AM
Katriel Double
Aspen Montoya

6:30 AM
Train Passengers
Lisa Hankins
Arthur Usher
Randy Bartok
Carol Sieber
Paul Silva
Timothy Holmes
Nysha-Lynn Livingston
Kerry Leigh
Pablo Quintana
Joseph Austin

Make up Test
Aaron Dennis