Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Call Time: Wednesday June 19

Please note that we had to make some last minute cuts :( Our assistant director Chris text me at 7 pm that we had to cut down to 35.
 Stand Ins 6:12 AM Shawn McCall 6:12 AM Jessica McGee 6:12 AM Bob Kaye 6:12 AM Keith Connell 6:12 AM Kelly Ruble 6:30 AM Townswomen W506 Diana McGuerty W541 Elizabeth Sklenar W535 Evelyn Tucker W520 Gloria String W572 Julie Scoffield W571 Kelly Khun W581 Kimberly Thibodeaux W533 Melarie Roller W511 Melody Carpenter W508 Peggy Innes W575 Rachel Ross W531 Tatyana Dudnik Tina Hartell 6:30 AM Townsmen M157 Alain Hodge M121 Andir Thomas   M161 Barry White M175 Benjamin Krcal M198 Bruce Lombardi M141 David Innes David Taylor M174 David Tucker M107 Dominic Otero M208 Jacob Honeycutt Jonathan Tucker M257 Ken Ashe 7:00 AM M148 Louis Shiffman M199 Michael Eros M138 Michael McGuerty M164 Michael Taylor M135 Nathan Brimmer Nathan Phillips M261 Paul Caster M263 Randy Branch M150 Richard Chavez M292 Rob Stiner Robert Schenkelberg Santo Militello 10:00 AM Children 9 Skye Bleeker 7 Salor Bleeker

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