Friday, June 14, 2013

Extras Next Week

 Wednesday has been cut back to 20. Thursday will be larger.

These are the extras for Wednesday June 19, which was cut from 100 to 20. These extras were selected because of their look and because they were not overly seen at the fair. If you are one of the selected extras please call to confirm that you read this blog.

Stand Ins
Shawn McCall
Jessica McGee
Bob Kaye
Justin Skillstad
Robyn Chaulsett
Joe Case
Kimberly Fleming
Keith Connell

M257 Ken Ashe
M175 Benjamin Krcal
M198 Bruce Lombardi
        Jonathan Tucker
M174 David Tucker
M261 Paul Caster
M115 Robb Moon
M265 Fredrick Ryals
M100 Jordan Rivers
M126 Manuel Abascal
M199 Michael Eros
M135 Nathan Brimmer
M150 Richard Chavez
M157 Alain Hodge
M153 Luis Prieto-Wilmot
M208 Jacob Honeycutt

W534 Harriet Krcal
W535 Evelyn Tucker
W571 Kelly Khun
W581 Kimberly Thibodeaux
W576 Brittany Flowers
W531 Tatyana Dudnik

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