Friday, June 28, 2013

Extras next week.

We will need extras next week Wednesday and Thursday

Please call Maddie at 505-263-4380 to book.

Wednesday we will be doing the establishing scenes at the Dance and we will need 12 couples - men and 12 of the following women:
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

502  Cheyenne  Powers
510 Georgene Romero
511 Melody Carpenter
513 Phylis Morgan
515 Crystal Miller
518 Mary Davidson
520 Gloria String
523 Meshell Metzer
524 Maria Cordova
526 Marlynn Bennett
529 Deborah Waters
532 Deborah Hutton
535 Evelyn Tucker
536 Kelsey Hutton
537 Valentina Hart
538 Sharon Craft
540 Laura Cella

Thursday we will be back at the fair and we will need men and women

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