Saturday, July 20, 2013

Call time: Monday, July 22

Because of the rain, we have shifted our shooting schedule dramatically and will now be shooting until August 7 and because of this shift we have changed what we are shooting for Monday, which resulted in 80 people being cut from Monday's call. Below are the people who will work on Monday.

We will not go into the bar scene on Tuesday as planned, that will be shot Thursday night, so we will not need our saloon girls or our deputy until then.

If you are not on the list, please call us to schedule a day to work this week as we will be working every day  and we want to give the individuals who were cut an opportunity to work on those days.

I want to thank each and everyone of you on the great job you have been doing on this show and for your flexibility with such a mixed up schedule. Our director, assistant directors, and producers have often said how much they love the background on this show, and if they do not always show it, they too appreciate all your hard work and great attitudes.

We love you



Stand Ins
6:12 AM Shawn McCall
6:12 AM Chole Riffe
6:12 AM James Wisniewski

8:00 AM
Mrs. Callahan
Ronee Sue Helzner

6:30 AM
Angie Rauch
W573 Carol Williamson
W528 Chelsea Cook
W522 Christina  Lancellotti
W529 Deborah Waters
W535 Evelyn Tucker
W510 Georgene Romero
M549 Janet Wilson

W518 Mary Davidson
W533 Melarie Roller
W511 Melody Carpenter
W508 Peggy Innes
W513 Phyllis Morgan
W537 Valentina Hart
W571 Kelly Khun
        Rachel Ross
M173 LC Read
M171 Kirk Waters
M141 David Innes
M174 David Tucker
M221 Carl Burrows
           Jack Windsor
M257 Ken Ashe
          JP Labatut
       Jim Thorton
       Jonathan Tucker

7:00 AM
M157 Alain Hodge
M121 Andir Thomas
M179 Asher Refailov
M161 Barry White
M160 Brandon Hartley
M107 Dominic Otero
M208 Jacob Honeycutt
M100 Jordan Rivers
        Jason Pfeiffer
M166 Lee Andres
M148 Louis Shiffman
M153 Luis Prieto-Wilmot
M105 Manuel Medina
M200 Marcos Roybal
M209 Mark Rebstock
M114 Max Martinez
        Michael Castellano
M112 Pablo Quintana
M263 Randy Branch
M150 Richard Chavez
        Robert Schenkelberg
M111 Ronald J. Clock
M109 Scott Esquibel
M203 Sean Helean
M125 Steve Shaw
M172 Stewart Allen
M101 Todd Bethke
M159 William Bolt

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