Friday, July 12, 2013

Monday's Extras

These are the extras we need on set for Monday July 15. In Addition we would like to have an additional 10 women. Please check in with Maddie on Set or or Call Elizabeth at 505-203-0884.

Kevin Wester

Young Bar Back
Daniel Szczerba


Rick Koppinger

Rebecca Stover
Stephanie Clock
Ashley Ward
Brittany Alcorn
Inez Dominquez
Kendra Tuthill

Bar Patrons
Alain Hodge
Asher Refailov
Bob Knowlton
Brandon Hartley
Carl Solomon

David Tucker
Dick Shaw
Dominic Otero
J Terry Fernandez
Jason Pfiefer
Jonathan Tucker
Jordan Rivers
Kelly Shaw
LC Read
Leonard Salazar
Louis Shiffman
Manuel Abascal
Max Martinez
Michael Taylor
Nathan Brimmer
Nathan Phillips

Lee Andres
Dave Durham
Frank Nunn
Jerry Daniele
John Welch
Pablo Quintana
Paul Silva
Rob Janov
Ronald J. Clock
Sean Weimorts
Shanti Thomas
Stewart Allen
Todd Bethke
Victor Medina
Martin Patterson
Santo Militello

Passer Bys (5)
Tatyana Dudnik
Melody Carpenter
Randa Silva
Barry White
Jacob Honeycutt

Horse Rider (2)
Rowdy Gardner
Marvin Rath

Carriage Driver
Eddy Thomason

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