Saturday, August 3, 2013

Extras for Tuesday, August 6

These are the extras the Assistant Directors need for the Fair Scene Tuesday, August 6 at Old Stump.  Please call me at 505-203-0884. Maddie has plans for the weekend so please do not call her.

M220 Jack Windsor
M221 Carl Burrows

M157 Alain Hodge
M110 Bruce MacCallum
M141 David Innes
M107 Dominic Otero
M192 J Terry Fernandez
M129 James Lane
M180 Martin Patterson
M138 Michael McGuerty
M140 Michael Redondo
M143 Nathan Gleason
M112 Pablo Quintana
M109 Scott Esquibel
M144 Tom Gleason
M159 William Bolt

W515 Crystal Miller
M549 Janet Wilson
W511 Melody Carpenter
W508 Peggy Innes
W531 Tatyana Dudnik

W506 Diana McGuerty
W520 Gloria String
           Mary Davidson
Georgene Romero

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