Friday, November 28, 2014

Call Time: Monday, December 1

We will be at the Albuquerque studios, please park behind Building A and report to the lunch box in CATERING on the north side of Building C (stage 8).  Do not report to the "Night Shift" catering in front of stage 4. Thanks.

 Call if you have any questions or problems.

Stand Ins
6:45 AM            Robert Posey
6:45 AM            Masamichi Nyunoya
6:45 AM            Rachel Ross
6:45 AM            Eden Douglas

            6:30 AM
            Aaron Grant
            Bri Rogers
            Claudia Millan-Rounds
            Dana Mellen
            Derek Delgado
            Dhanai Ram
            Dixie Williams
            Duane Ullrich
            Guadalupe Marroquin
            Joan Lloyd
            Jolee Al-Villar
            Kellie Norsworthy
            Marti Have-Perry
            Roseann Ortiz
            Willie Price
            Yukari Jones

            7:00 AM
            Brian Cata
            Diego Romero
            Harp Corrigan
            Jerry Daniele
            Joseph La Cour
            Larry Rael
            Mbarak Hussein
            Mike English
            Patrick Sanchez
            Ronnie Watts
            Sam Hays
            Stephen Greenwood
            Stephen Guthrie
            Thomas Milsom
            Val Garcia
            Wikki Omondi
            Wiley Smith

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