Monday, November 24, 2014

Call Time: Tuesday, November 25

  We will meet in Stage 5 at the Albuquerque Studios, which is the small sound stage between building B and building C.  Please park behind building 1 in front of Stage 1 and 2 in the interior quadrangle parking. Do not park in front of stage 5

PLEASE  come having eaten, a dinner will not be served as the crew will have already eaten by the time extras report to the studios,  You will be working until 10:30 or 11 pm


Report to UNM
            Stand Ins
10:15 AM            Robert Posey
10:15 AM            Rachel Ross

            Report to Stage having had dinner
            Stand ins
5:30 PM            Eden Douglas
5:30 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya

            3:12 pm Pickup - will eat lunch with the crew.
            Bryce Romero
            Gary Hood

            5:00 PM
            Soldeir Commander
            Cory Broussard

            5:00 PM
            Anthoni Garcia
            Brian Barela
            Craig Meagher
            Dante Mejia
            Dylan Wisneski
            Frank Powers
            Gonzalo Robles
            Jerome Martinez
            JJ Jones
            Joseph Riggs
            Joseph Toledo
            Joshua Everett
            Kapono Bangay
            Matthew Jenkins
            Miles Tafoya
            Robert Dallas
            Templer Horry
            TJ Brown
            Zac Mitchell

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