Thursday, December 11, 2014

Call time: Friday, Dec. 12

Because the company has gotten most of the shots for the Scavenger scenes, they will not need all the scavengers on Friday. We will be using the scavengers who worked on Thursday night, so please scroll down to see if you are working Friday evening. Please email us that you know you are not working at

Elizabeth  and Maddie

Stand Ins
4:45 PM            Robert Posey
4:45 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
4:45 PM            Rachel Ross
4:45 PM            Eden Douglas
            7:00 PM

            WCKD Commander
            Cory Broussard

            7:00 PM

            JJ Jones
            Zac Mitchell
            Matthew Jenkins
            Brian Barela
            Joshua Everett
            Blake Wilkinson
            Kapono Bangay
            Robert Dallas
            1:00 PM

            Elnora Keller
            Emily Snell
            Michael Leyba

            3:30 PM

            Ryan Chavez
            Travis Relyea

            3:30 PM

            Crystal Miller
            Desirae Anslover
            Dorian Dixon
            Jason Kinzy
            Jeremy Aragon
            Jordan Vasquez
            Jordan Gregory
            Leroy Vallejos
            Shanti Thomas
            Tess Moraga

            8:00 PM

            Thomas Milsom
            Junius Montano
            Ronnie Watts
            Dhanai Ram
            Aaron Stuedli
            Kevin Cox
            Carma Harvey
            Al Kaylor
            Stacey Waldfogel
            Michael Eros

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