Sunday, December 14, 2014

Call Time: Monday, Dec.15

If you do not see you name, it is because we had to cut 50 people from our call, and you did not get back to our emails and calls soon enough. We are so sorry, but when the art department went to dress the set, the ADs discovered the room was not big enough for all the extras they asked us to hire.

Please park at the railyards and jump on a van to take you to extras holding where we will be waiting. If you did not get your map please call.

Stand Ins
5:45 AM Robert Posey
5:45 AM Masamichi Nyunoya
5:45 AM Rachel Ross
5:45 AM Eden Douglas

5:30 AM


David Hamlow

5:30 AM


Patsy Coles

Cat Isaac

5:30 AM

Old Guys

Larry Welz

Martin Palmer

5:30 AM

Kissing Couples

Bill Fort

Shea Bartlet

Savannah Rasberry

Adam West

Ghita Lemrabet

Ben Leyba

Willis Millier

Ashley Daniels

5:30 AM


Amirah Counts

Anisa Rayan

Britney McKiernan

Brittany Scavo

Carolyn Herrera

Christoni Sullivan

Diana Saenz

Eleanor Smith

Gabrielle Garcia

Ines Wares

Jaqueline Chavez

Jasmine Bounds

Jenna Jacobsen

Kami Hornak

Kylie Nicole Jacobson

Linsey Putman

Zipporah Archer

5:30 AM


Avalon Jay

Christoper Wright

Leon Garcia

Rome Arrey

Zachary Gurule

5:30 AM

Party Goers

Robert DeWitt 

Aaron Haynes

AJ Dille

Alejandro Chacon

7:00 AM

Woman Pulling her hair

Leeann Greene

7:00 AM

Party Goers

Alicia Gardner

Adrienne Brezovic

Andrew Monie

Barbie Sullivan

Brooks Pierce

Caleb Kofchur
Carrisa Lewis

Colin Butts

Connie Perez

Cuauhtemoc Pruess-Silva

Dan Brockett

Danielle Lamphier

Danielle Wooten

Daren Medina

David Bray

Deion Jackson

Elizabeth Rodgers

Elliot Hungate

Gage Foster

George Hanna

Ian Oswald

Jazmyne Pavioni

Jenny Whitaker

Jeremiah Lucero

Joaquin Romero

Joseph Carlise

Julian Work

Kalani Kaula

Kyle Duffy

Leia Jones

Logan Davis

Logan Matthews

8:00 AM

Party Goers

Madison Iwanczyk

Manny Chavez

Marcus Alvarado

Mariah Culpepper

Mariah Everett

Matthew Trujillo

McKenna Hunter

Miles Meredith

Nate Campas

Nicholas Kabsy

Phillip Holt

Rachel Chaves

Raechelle Garcia

Ryan M. De Aveiro

Ryann Van Riper

Sabrina Baca

Samantha Landavazo

Sean Martinez

Sean Starcevich

Selena Barraza

Stashia Taylor

Stephen Patrick Ivey

Sudul Diahkah

Tallis Rose

Tommy Joy

Toni Che R. Zubia-Harkness

Tyler Longley

Tyler Whitfield

Victoria Moya

Vyvy Dao

Yvonne Sitler

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