Saturday, December 20, 2014

Call Time: Monday, December 22

Please dress warmly, it will be cold in the Jemez.  If you did not get a map, please call me


Stand Ins
6:45 AM            Rachel Ross
6:45 AM            Robert Posey
6:45 AM            Masamichi Nyunoya
6:45 AM            Eden Douglas

            6:00 AM

            2 Right Arm Milita
            Jon Hocker
            Gordon Phillips

            6:00 AM

            Right Arm
            Alfred Lopez
            Christopher Bleich
            Jamey Woodward
            Danny Chavez
            Devlin Lara
            Dominic Colombrito
            Karl Grill
            John McGarrah

            6:30 AM

            Right Arm
            Craig Curtis
            Evelyn Tucker
            Georgene Romero
            Jon Skelton
            Jonathan Tucker
            Luka Hays
            Paul Caster

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