Monday, December 22, 2014

Call time: Tuesday, Dec. 22

Because we did not get our shots for the scenes today, we will be back at Gillman tunnels tomorrow, which means that we will not be using the doubles tomorrow.  I will be calling you to let you know as well.

Kyle Caldwell, who lives on the west side, near Coors and Montano does not have a ride,  if anyone who is from that area, it would be great if he could get a ride. Please call him at 505-610-3650


            Stand Ins
5:45 AM            Rachel Ross
5:45 AM            Robert Posey
5:45 AM            Masamichi Nyunoya
5:45 AM            Eden Douglas

            6:00 AM
            2 Right Arm Milita
            Jon Hocker

            6:00 AM

            Right Arm
            Alfred Lopez
            Christopher Bleich
            Danny Chavez
            Karl Grill
            John McGarrah
            Jamey Woodward
            Kyle Caldwell

            6:30 AM

            Right Arm
            Evelyn Tucker
            Georgene Romero
            Jonathan Tucker
            Jon Hickey
            Luka Hays
            Valentia Hart
             Liberato Salas
             Ben Stein
            Patrick Wethington
            Bryan Sadler
            Mark Madrid
            Jerry  Valenzula

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