Sunday, January 11, 2015

Call Time: Monday, January 12

Because of bad weather we will NOT be shooting in Diamond tail tomorrow, but will be back on Tuesday.  We will be shooting with the extras below at the Albuquerque Studios. Park in the interior parking lot and report to our basecamp east of Stage 8

Stand Ins
11:45 AM Robert Posey
11:30 AM Amberlee Toney
5:00 PM Rachel Ross

11:30 AM

WCKD Civilians

Daniel Zubiate

Sydney Potadle

11:30 AM

Kids (3)

Gabriel Gonzales

Mikayla Love

Alex Wagenman

11:30 AM

WCKD Commander

Cory Broussard

11:30 AM


Brian Barela

JJ Jones

Joshua Everett

Kapono Bangay

Matthew Jenkins

Robert Dallas

Victor Chavez

Anthony Chavez

5:00 PM

 Bodies (3)

Raymond Maes

Priscilla Guzman

Preston Chee

5:00 PM

Orderlies (3)

Kyle Kruger

Christopher Norman-Dilbeck

Miles Adams

5:00 PM

Nurses  (3)

Brittany Ratledge

Raquel  Bush

Laura Hanks

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