Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Call time: Wednesday, Jan 21

Please meet us at our basecamp east of Stage 8 at the Albuquerque Studios

Call if you have any problems

Stand Ins
4:15 PM            Robert Posey
4:15 PM            Gerald Bennett
5:00 PM            Rachel Ross

            3:15 PM
            Red Headed Girl
            Kimberly Blacknall

            3:15 PM
            Ashley Daniels

            3:15 PM
            Farmed Gladers
            Alejandro Rodriguez
            Ben Galassi
            Breck Roselle
            Christian Maes
            Daniel Cruz
            Di Linh Hoang
            Geoff Hutton
            Helen Yeap
            Jacob Maes
            Johnny Sanchez
            JT Posster
            Katrina Marin-Demers
            Kelsey Hutton
            Kristina Heimer
            Nichole Otero
            Russ Reitmann
            Tyreena Gidden
            Zach Davis
            Zachary Carleton

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