Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Call Time; Wednesday January 7

Please park at the Hollywood Casino and a van will take you to set.  There will be three vans, 5:00 AM am, 5:20 AM and 5:40 AM   be a few minutes early to make sure you get on the van.  Call if you did not get a map.

We will have a great time with this final battle scene and We are so excited about having you all come out and play with us.

Alicia Cameron needs a ride on Thursday, she lives in the Academy area.

Remember to dress warmly and come expecting lots of fun.


Stand Ins
6:00 AM            Robert Posey
6:00 AM            Masamichi Nyunoya
6:00 AM            Rachel Ross
6:00 AM            Eden Douglas
6:00 AM            Brytnee Ratledge
6:00 AM            Gerald Bennett

            9:30 AM
            Ava Double
            Amberlee Toney
            5:00 AM
            Rescued Gladers
            Alex Varela
            Alicia Cameron
            Alyssa Robinson
            Alyssa Smith
            Anastasia Gendelman
            Aris Anderson
            Austin Dalie
            Bradly Fuller
            Caroline Levielle
            Cassandra A. Baca
            Christopher DeBlassie
            Colton Newman
            Destin Heden
            Isaac Tipton Snyder
            Isaiah Andrews
            James Robinson
            Jerica Chavez
            Jonathan Lawson
            Jonny Solano
            5:30 AM
            Rescued Gladers
            Joshua Ciddio
            Kaleb Queen
            Kathryn Racca
            Katrina Fierro
            Kristie Quintana
            Manny Clayton
            Manuel Blea
            Meg Colburn
            Melissa Ellis
            Michelle Lawson
            Nina Nieto
            Phuc Mai
            Preston Chee
            Priscilla Guzman
            Raymond Maes
            Robert Graves
            Savannah Riley
            Spencer Merrill
            Tanya Gonzales
            Tatiana Roach
            Thomas Tafoya
            Trista Wirth
            Tureyqua Inaru
            Victor Armijo
            Vidal Santillanes
            Zephaniah Pilcher
            5:30 AM
            Rescued Gladers
            Needs Fitting
            Russ Rietmann
            Niall Ridgley
            Kelly Vaughn Lucio
            Brice Keefer
            Angie Rausch
            Tuan Dao

            5:00 AM
            Right Arm Women
            Evelyn Tucker
            Georgene Romero
            Svetlana Gendelman
            Teresa Manducci
            Valentia Hart

            5:00 AM
            Right Arm Men
            Ben Stein
            Brian Sadler 
            Christopher Bleich
            Chuck Kent
            Craig Curtis
            Danny Chavez
            Dominic Colombrito
            Gordon Phillips
            J.T.  Hickey
            Jamie Woodward
            Jerry Valenzula
            John McGarrah
            Jon Hocker
            Jon Skelton
            Jonathan Tucker
            Karl Grill
            Kyle Caldwell
            Liberato Salas
            Luka Hays
            Marc Matthews
            Mark Madrid
            Nick Meyers
            Paul Caster

            5:00 AM
            Need Fittings
            Joseph Santillanes
            Daniel Williams
            Miquel Sanchez
            Ray Flores

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