Sunday, February 15, 2015

Call time: Tuesday, February 17

Please be a few minutes early. Try not to be late as it stresses out our resources. Our crew is required to be on set by a certain time, if you are late then you don't get to eat breakfast and there is no one in holding for your wardrobe hair and make up.

The Fairfield Marriott in Santa Fe will give extras a special rate if you are interested in staying overnight. go to -fairfield-inn-santa-fe/ and enter "fun house" as the code.

Please park on Level P2 in the convention center parking structure, 120 S. Federal and report to extras holding at 100 Catron. You will receive a voucher at the end of the day for parking.

Jordan Gregory 505-261-1863 In Rio Rancho  are willing to help with gas.  Please give them a call for a ride. Nancy Hills, northeast heights, need a ride, please give her a call at 505-489-9473 will help with gas. Gareth Miller, 505-559-0816, needs a ride will help with gas.


Stand Ins
7:42 AM            Rachel Ross
7:42 AM            Amberlee Toney
7:42 AM            Trevor Busch
7:42 AM            Sean McCall
7:42 AM            Bob Kaye
7:42 AM            Gerald Bennett
1:00 PM            Alexa Magnum

            7:18 AM

            Fun House Denizens
            AJ  Dille
            Andrew Milligan
            Dan Majewski
            Daniel Zubiate
            Haymish Chiado
            Ian Troy
            Joshua LaCombe
            Joshua Neustadter
            Kelly Shaw
            Michael Fabian
            Nicholas Wineman
            Patrick McKillip
            Rodney Nagel
            Roy Kenny
            Timothy Holmes
            8:00 AM

            Hippy Chick
            Valentina Hart

            8:00 AM

            Security Guy who Fumbles
            Gerald Dumont

            8:00 AM

            Guy in Medical Scrubs
            Clayton Gentry
            8:00 AM

            Corinne Fox
            Diane Lotti
            Gareth Miller
            Kristen Dupont
            Laura Hanks
            Mara Anderson
            Nancy Hills
            Nancy Nguyen

            8:00 AM

            Alex Herig
            Benny James
            Brandon  Caroll
            Danger K. Varoz
            Guiermo Harrison
            J.P. Labatut
            Jake Honeycutt
            James Lane
            Jim Rishe
            Jordon Gregory
            Keith West-Harrison
            Lance Blea
            Leroy Trujillo
            Marshall Leming
            Matthew Maestas
            Murad Kirdar
            Paul Amend
            Randy Bartok
            Richard Adams
            Robert Hockaday
            Shawn Khounphithack
            Stan Ramkowsky

            8:30 AM

            Alan Humphrey
            Benjamin House
            Clarissa DuBois
            Daniel Mackle
            Derek Blakeney
            DJ Kenney
            Elliott Hungate
            Jon JT Hickey
            Jonathan Lund
            Joshua House
            Kyle Cahill
            Mike Kirby
            Robert Lynch
            Santiago Lecuona
            Saul Hoffman
            Spencer Graham
            Steve Larese
            Steve Wallace
            Todd Wilkinson
            Toni Che Zubia
            Tony An
            Trent Culver
            William Greely

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