Monday, February 23, 2015

Call time: Tuesday, February 24

Call if you did not get a map/ please note that we are still at the Old Judicial Center at 100 Catron
Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
6:42 am Rachel Ross
1:30 pm Trevor Busch
6:42 am Bob Kaye
6:42 am Shawn McCall
6:42 am Gerald Bennett
6:42 am Jason Kinzy

5:48 AM

Pacha Khan's phalanx
Michael Redondo
Daniel Ortiz
Jason Baird
Karl Grill
Anthony Sanchez
Gary Castro
Parmatma Khalsa
Marcus Montoya
5:48 AM

Servant who pours tea
Joshua Deaguero
5:48 AM

Pacha Khan's personal guard
Robbie Gutierrez
Joshua DeAguero

5:48 AM

Pacha Khan's armed confederates
Thomas Jost
Steffen Garcia
Alonzo Garza
Emiliano Montoya
Dan Garduno
Aaron Clevenger
Brian Benzel
James Stringer
Paul Strittmater
Rafael De La Fuente

For Denizens, please come having had lunch, as lunch will have already been served.

Armin Boroujerdi            505-280-7710, needs a ride if anyone can help him out, in the unm area
1:30 PM
Charles Burkhardt

Armin Boroujerdi         Laura hanks
Kieth Westerman
Kyle Cahill
Roy kenny
Josh House
AJ Dille
Elliot Hungate

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