Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Call Time: Wednesday, Feb 11

Please be at least 15 minutes early, when you are late it puts a stress on our resources, our team needs to be on set at a certain time, so if you are late we are late getting to set. Your call time is when you report to wardrobe, not when you pull into the parking lot. Please meet at the Old Judicial building at 100 Catron.

William needs a carpool and is willing to help with gas

Call if you have any questions or problems
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
8:42 AM            Rachel Ross
8:42 AM            Sean McCall
10:30 AM            Bob Kaye
            8:00 AM
            Deb Volp
            Chelsea Kibbee
            9:00 AM
            Fun House Denizens
            Akshay Patel
            Damon Somers
            Timothy Holmes
            Barry Townsend

            11:30 AM
            Fun House Denizens
            AJ  Dille
            Amit Maharaj
            Andrew Milligan
            Brandon Larlee
            Brian Barela
            Bryce Jackson
            Charles Burkhardt
            Chuck Kent
            Clarissa DuBois
            Daniel Mackle
            Daniel Pimentel
            Daniel Zubiate
            Darold Ross                                
            Denver Johnson
            DJ Kenney
            Dominique Mazire
            Edan A Didak
            Elliott Hungate
            Eric Dehghan
            Erin Skowran
            Everette Scott Ortiz
            Gerald Bennett
            Gerald Dumont
            Greg Seeley
            Haymish Chiado
            Joe Moody
            John Hocker
            Jonathan Lund
            Joseph Carlisle
            Joshua House
            Joshua LaCombe
            Kyle Cahill
            Joshua Willey
            Justin Engel

            12:00 PM
            Fun House Denizens
            Ian Troy
            Joshua Neustadter
            Joshua Willey
            Justin Engel
            Katlynn Wilmott
            Kelly Shaw
            Larry Nanonhang
            Laura Dulin
            Masa Nyunoya                                               
            Mike Kirby
            Nicholas Wineman
            Patrick McKillip
            Paul Sanders
            Robert Hockaday
            Robert Lynch
            Rodney Nagel
            Roy Kenny
            Royd C. McCargish
            Santiago Lecuona
            Saul Hoffman
            Spencer Graham
            Stefan Chakerian
            Steve Train
            Steven Hatch
            Tobias St James
            Todd Wilkinson
            Toni Che Zubia
            Tony An
            Trent Culver
            Valentina Hart
            Whitney Eichbauer
            William Greely
            12:00 pm
            Needs Fittings
           Alan Humphrey
            Charlene Upton
            Derek Blakeney
            Dick Shaw
            Jon JT Hickey
            Roy Ward


  1. Still looking for a ride to santa fe. Here's a email to reach me Nanonhang@gmail.com I can meet up with you. Thanks

  2. Which building do I go for the call?