Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Call Time:Thursday, February 26

Stand Ins
9:42 AM            Rachel Ross
1:00 PM            Trevor Busch
9:42 AM            Bob Kaye
9:42 AM            Shawn McCall
9:42 AM            Gerald Bennett
9:42 AM            David Rare
            Sadiq's Entourage reports to Basecamp at the Scottish Rite Temple. Park in the Convention Center parking and a van will take you to Basecamp. Please wear thermals as this is an outdoor shoot and it will be cold!!!

            9:00 AM
            Sadiq's Assist.
            Michael Aguilar
            9:00 AM
            Sadiq's Bodyguard
            Carlos Ruiz
            Daniel Garcia

            9:00 AM
            Sadiq's Driver
            Joshua House

Fun House Denizens please report to 100 Catron, our normal  meeting place.
            1:00 PM
            Brandon Larlee
            Patrick McKillip
            Daniel Pimentel
            1:00 PM
            Al Kareem Naka
            Jonathan Lund
            Chuck Kent
            Santiago Lecuona
            Greg Seeley
            Brian Barela
            Daniel Mackle
            Daniel Zubiate
            Derek Blakeney
            DJ Kenney
            Greg Seeley
            Joshua Neustadter
            Kelly Shaw
            Lorena Medina
            Mike Kirby
            Roy Ward
            Robert Hockaday
            Roy Kenny
            Santiago Lecuona
            Tony An
            William Greely

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I am coming for Thursday, Friday and Saturday