Thursday, March 19, 2015

Call time: Friday, March 20

 If you are booked and do not see your name, please call me.

We did send out a map, if you did not get it please call me. We will meet in the same location as last time.

Please have your ID or Driver's License ready at the Truman gate


Stand Ins
12:42 PM            Rachel Ross
12:42 PM            Shawn McCall
12:42 PM            Bob Kaye
12:42 PM            Gerald Bennett

            12:00 PM
            Angela Leeds
            Cindi LLamas
            Daniel Laird
            Dick Wilkinson
            Edward Alexander
            Hannah McCarrick
            Karlie Zeigler
            Mike McGonagle
            Maurice Robinson
            Neil Van Houten
            Nick Raniola
            Piero Del Valle
            Rob Leeds
            Robert Smith
            Sade Simmons
            Sheryl Easley
            Scott Pope
            Terence Jackson
            Timothy Fuller(H)
            Victor Chavez
            Need Fitting
            Aris Braxton
            Alvin Tucker
            Brianna Lee
            Derrick Lawrence
            Miranda Johnson
            Peter Lyon
            12:00 PM
            Aaron Owens
            Alex Marquez
            Blake Woodham (H)
            Brian Fentress(H)
            Christoper Flanders(H)
            Chad Mercer
            Cody Alvarez (H)
            Corey Braxton
            David Nichols
            Huston Pardee
            Josh Martinez (H)
            Joshua Costley
            Justin Kendall (H)
            Lee Webb
            Michael Conroy
            Mike Kelly
            Mike Wilkenson
            Nick Lovato
            Paul Caster
            Ramon Martinez
            Richard Valentine (H)
            Roy McDonald
            Rubel Tafoya
            Spencer Graham
            Trey Trotter(H)
            Needs Fittings
            Willie Bivins
            Carlos Pizano
            12:30 PM
            Coalition Forces (6)
            Cody  Smith
            Gregory Paul Valdez 
            Ian Jamerson
            Mark Moore
            Parick Volpert
            Timothy Frawley
            12:30 PM
            Recon Marines
            Charles Kauffman
            Carlos Carreon
            Chris Hughes
            Cory Broussard
            Darrell House
            Hugo Melchor
            Isaiah Bullock
            John Lokken
            Jose Calderon
            Matthew Jenkins
            Matthew Landess
            Michael Fletcher
            Richard Baca
            Rick Vigil
            12:00 PM
            Samantha Thomas
            Tyrece Bolen
            4:00 PM
            Fellow  Officers
            Need Fittings
            Matthew Marquez
            Natalie Contreras
            Kyle K Ziegler
            Rick Giron
            Tony Olmos
            Mark Logan
            Mike Duran
            Kelly Baber
            4:00 PM
            Power Point Guy
            Mike Laurie

            4:00 PM
            Marine w/Donuts
            Malcolm Green

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