Sunday, March 1, 2015

Call Time: Monday March 2

All of our Lotus and Jade ladies, please wear light base and mascara only and wear your hair natural do not iron nor curl it.

Please park in the empty parking lot on the corner of Menaul and Eubank and a van will take you to extras holding. You MUST BE EARLY TO EAT BREAKFAST AND DO PAPER WORK.  Please remember that your call time is when you report to wardrobe NOT when you check in with us.


Stand Ins
6:42 AM            Rachel Ross
6:42 AM            Amberlee Toney
6:42 AM            Trevor Busch
6:42 AM            Shawn McCall
6:42 AM            Bob Kaye
6:42 AM            Erin White
6:42 AM            Ashley Daniels

            6:00 AM
            Lotus Mother
            Kitar Hayian Chen
            6:00 AM
            Lotus Waitress
            Mariacheska Legendre
            6:00 AM
            Lotus Ladies
            Alona Robinson
            Carolyn Shademan
            HaiLi Chen
            Mami McCraw
            Mingjie Hoemmen  
            Miss Thay H. Maokhamphiou
            Nguyen Park
            Rhiannon Keams
            Shelly Denny
            Tiffany Dimas
            Zarina Oros
            6:00 AM
            Aaron Grant
            Andrew Monie
            Brady burke
            Brandon Sehlmeyer
            Christopher Roche
            Christopher Romero
            Clay Space
            Clayton Schwers
            Curtis Schramm
            Daniel Tabeling
            Dave Sunt
            David Pinter
            Dennis Price
            Derek Meier
            Elliot espinoza
            Evan Davis
            Greg valdez
            Ian Hudson
            isaac luna
            Jacke Honeycutt
            Jaime Woodard
            Jameson McMillan
            Jeremy Zimmer
            Jesse Messenger
            John Loy
            John Sumrow
            John Wombacher

            6:30 AM
            Lance R. Browne
            Lex Santos
            Mark Tessler
            Mathew Amend
            Matt berget
            Michael verderame
            Mike English
            Niall Ridgley
            Nick Griffith
            Nick Ossorgin
            Peter Chapman
            Richard Romero
            Robert Garcia
            Robert Posey
            Ronnie Watts
            Ryan DeAvierio
            Sam bradhsaw
            Samuel Barber
            Stace Diekman
            Todd Hebenstriet
            Tom Gunzelman
            Tommy joy
            Travis Relyea
            Troy Uhlman
            Vincent Chavez
            Vincent mann

            7:00 AM
            Jade Mother
            Mabel Chinn

            7:00 AM
            Jade Waitress
            Lillibeth Sanchez-Geswaldo

            7:00 AM
            Jade Ladies
            Khristine Briseno
            Vera Romano
            Ayako Monier
            Cindi Li
NdsFit            Alisa Tannirat

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  1. Hi Elizabeth . if you need any extras for Albuquerque shooting please let me know the dates and I confirm them to you,. you have my number Alkarim Natha