Saturday, March 7, 2015

Call Time: Monday, March 9

Please dress warmly, it will be cold outside at Laguna. If you did not get a map, please call me.

David McKnight needs a ride, is willing to help with gas, please call him at 469-412-6523

            Stand Ins
6:42 AM            Rachel Ross
6:42 AM            Shawn McCall
6:42 AM            Bob Kaye

            Joseph Brito
            Joseph Hay
            Manny Chavez
            Matthew Schaller

            7:00 AM

            British Soldiers
             Blake W. Wilkinson
            Brent Robare
            Christopher Norman-Dilbeck
            David Mcknight
            Dylan Trent
            Gregory Popelka
            Ian Jamerson
            James Cox
            Jason Vance
            Jetto Dorsainville

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