Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Call Time: Thursday, March 5

Please park on Griffin according to the map and a van will take you to basecamp on Randolph. Please report to bascamp at 4643-4651 Randolph Ave NE, but do not park there.
Please call if you did not get a map.

Looking forward to working with you tomorrow.


Stand Ins
7:42 AM            Rachel Ross
7:42 AM            Amberlee Toney
7:42 AM            Bob Kaye
7:42 AM            Shawn McCall
            10:00 AM

            Air Force
            Chad Corbin
            Samantha Thomas
            Tyrece Bolen
            Longinos Garrett Campos
            Edward Roscoe Alexander
            10:30 AM

            Christopher Brown
            Darrell House
            Joshua Costley
            10:30 AM

            Ian Jamerson
            Mark Moore
            Parick Volpert
            Timothy Frawley
            10:30 AM

            Huston Pardee
            Tim Harmeson
            Rubel Tafoya
            10:30 AM

            Military Nurses
            Ciara Bergman
            Natanya Erni
            Ruth Garrett
            10:30 AM

            Daniel Fulcoly
            Michael Khun
            Sheryl Easley
            Daniel Gonzalez
            Sarah Adler
            Aaron Owens

            10:30 AM

            Trey Trotter
            Brian Askew

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