Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Call time: Wednesday, April 1

We sent out a map, if you did not get one, please text me your email address, because it probably means I have the wrong address.

Thank you for your patience
Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
1:12 PM            Rachel Ross
1:12 PM            Shawn McCall
1:12 PM            Bob Kaye
1:12 PM            Gerald Bennett
1:12 PM            Ian Jamerson

            1:00 PM

1            Roy McDonald
1            Brian Fentress(H)
            Cody Alvarez (H)
            David Nichols
            Isaac Gonzales
            Jordan Kemper Rice
            Kapanoa Bengay
1            Malcolm Green
            Matthew Marquez
            Michael Conroy
            Michael Gurule
            Phil Sperandeo
            Rick Giron
            Trey Trotter(H)
            Needs Fititng
            Aaron Woodson
            Alen D. Escobedo
            Alex Campbell (guitar)
            Anthony Pulcini
            Carlos Alcantar
            Chas Holloway
            Christopher Michael Salazar
            Derrek Lawrence
            Gerald Chavez
            Mark Hadley
            Piero Del Valle
            Edward Alexander
            Joseph Follen (guitar)
            Aris Braxton

            1:00 PM

            Convoy Marines
            Brian Barela
            Charles Kauffman
            Chris Hughes
            Cory Broussard
            Darrell House
            Hugo Melchor
            Joshua Costley
            Matthew Jenkins
            Michael Fletcher
            Richard Baca
            Rick Vigil
            Victor A. Guajardo
            Wares Oros
            Zac Mitchell

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