Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Call Time: Wednesday, March 4

If you did not get a map, please call me.
Enter at the Truman gate and park at 8395-8499 Griffin Ave. SE, a van will take you to basecamp and to extras holding.

If you are already on base, please report to 4643-4651 Randolph Ave SE. Please arrive early to eat breakfast and do paper work.

Please call if you have any questions.

Stand Ins
8:42 AM Rachel Ross
8:42 AM Trevor Busch
8:42 AM Amberlee Toney
8:42 AM Bob Kaye

8:00 AM

Airmen (8)

David Ortiz

Robert Smith

Matt Heitstuman

Samantha Thomas

Rob Leeds

Chad Corbin

Mykeedah Patillo

Jessie Guerrero

Tyrece Bolen

8:00 AM

Uniformed Marines (8)

Cesar Ayala

Darrell House

David Gonzales

Joshua Costley

Nick Lovato

Roy McDonald

Shawn Lujan

8:00 AM

Coalition Forces

Bill Bulloch

Gregory Paul Valdez 

Ian Jamerson

Mark Moore

Parick Volpert

Timothy Frawley

8:00 AM

Kim's New Producer

Rene Longoria

8:00 AM


Ed Blanchet

Joe Streaker

Maurice Robinson

8:00 AM

Angela Leeds

Art Garcia

Cami Gorman

Christoper Flanders

Christopher W. Brown

Cindy Limas

David Nichols

Hannah McCarrick

John Rensel

Julie Smith

Kaila Kelly

Karlie Zeigler

Keith Macrae

Linda Erb

Michael Khun

Mike McGonagle

Paul Caster

Richard Bolton

Sade Simmons

Sean Bell

Sean Simpson

Spencer Graham

Tina Ripberger

Will Hogsett

11:00 AM

Recon Spec. Ops

AJ Bales

Carlos Carreon

John Lokken

Jose Calderon

Marco Escandon

Matthew Landess

Miles Tafoya

Randy Case

Tony Pivirotto

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